Technical Contribution FAQ’s

Any individual, group, organisation or company involved in the coal industry who would like to share ideas and solutions to common geology-related investigations and challenges.

The 2020 Bowen Basin Symposium is titled “Beyond 2020: The Future of Coal”. The Symposium will take delegates on a journey to address the themes of “back to basics”, “where are we now?” and “where are we going?” over three Symposium days.

Abstracts provide notification to the Organising Committee of the topics that could be scheduled into the technical programme and proceedings. These are an “expression of interest” for involvement in the technical programme.

The Organising Committee is structuring the 2020 Bowen Basin Symposium a little differently to past events, where the typical “presentation after presentation by paper authors” is being reinvigorated, and sometimes replaced with more interactive discussions on themes relevant to the changing times of the coal industry. Therefore, any ideas you have for these interactions should be submitted in an abstract format. For example:

  • Technical Paper
  • Posters
  • Forum
  • Breakout Groups
  • Workshops
  • Rapid Exchange (3-min Presentation)
  • “A Day in the Life…” Video Competition

The A Day in the Life…” Video Competition is an opportunity to showcase a day in the life of a working coal geoscientist with your peers in a 3-4 minute, professionally edited video. Submissions are encouraged from Graduate Geologists, Exploration Geologists, Field Geologists, Mine Geologists, Open Cut Geologists, Underground Geologists, Research Geologists, Resource Geologists, Senior Geologists, Principal Geologists, Geology Managers, Engineering Geologists/Geotech, Coal Quality/CHPP Specialists, Hydrogeologists etc.

Yes. The Organising Committee has developed guidelines and they will be provided to those wishing to submit videos upon acceptance of your abstract/expression of interest.

The Organising Committee know that there is a lot of good work going on in the industry that should be shared and promoted at the 2020 Bowen Basin Symposium. Consider these topics if you’re stuck:

  • History of coal mining in Queensland from a geology perspective
  • Geology of the coal mines throughout Queensland
  • The value of a Geologist
  • Data management
  • Innovation/techniques in exploration
  • Innovation/techniques in mine geology
  • Innovation/techniques in resource modelling
  • Improvements in analysis and processing technologies/coal washing efficiencies
  • (Managing) the challenges of for future coal resources (e.g. remote locations, thinner seams, digging deeper)
  • Industry “Standards”, e.g. JORC/JORC 2020, Datum 2020, CoalLog
  • Explain “Big Data” in terms of how coal geologist’s would use it
  • Collecting geological data for mining approvals and associated studies
  • DNRME systems
  • Geoscience in the cloud
  • Society's changing views on coal
  • Future of Coal (e.g. utilisation and technologies)
  • What are HELE plants?
  • Changing markets

The Organising Committee has produced an Abstract Template for submission of all abstracts. This can be downloaded by clicking here, and is also available in the Abstract Submission Portal.

Abstracts should be approximately 250 words long, and shall not exceed 300 words.


The Symposium Secretariat will be in contact with you to request that you convert your submission into the format outlined in the Abstract Template.

No. The abstract submission does not have to be the final paper abstract. It doesn’t need to be polished as it won’t be published as is without your approval. You will have the opportunity to develop your work and write a final abstract for your contribution which will be included on the Symposium App once your topic is approved by the Organising Committee.

Unless you have internal company requirements to get a concept and/or abstract signed off, you can submit an abstract now and arrange approvals to submit your contribution over the coming months. There is an option in the abstract submission portal to notify the committee that you do not yet have adequate approvals in place for your contribution.

The Organising Committee is keenly aware that many companies have restrictions on sharing information that could be seen as sensitive to their operations or projects. However, the place of the BBGG as the host of the Symposium is to foster the exchange of knowledge in the coal geology (and related disciplines). To that end, the Organising Committee hope that by asking for participation in the technical programme via the submission of posters which share non-sensitive company information, that we might be able to achieve this outcome for the industry. If you want your content to be read as a technical paper still, consider how you can get the message across without sharing the sensitive details. For example, can you anonymise the project details (including location, seam naming, etc.)?

Yes. The Organising Committee has developed guidelines for authors of posters to show them how to present their posters. These guidelines will be provided to poster authors upon acceptance of your abstract. We have also developed an example poster layout that can be downloaded by clicking here so that you can see the types of information that can be included in the poster. Please note that we are keen to convert these posters into ‘poster papers’ for inclusion in the proceedings.

The Organising Committee requires you to have final approval by Friday 27 March 2020 (6 weeks before the deadline for full contribution submission).

Monday 16 December 2019.

The Abstract Submission Portal is available on the front page of the 2020 Bowen Basin Symposium website:

No. The original submission will only be seen by the Organising Committee.

You will receive notification that your submission will be reviewed by the Organising Committee. Once the Organising Committee has reviewed your submission to ensure that it is in line with the Symposium themes, you will be asked to progress the development of your chosen contribution (i.e. paper, poster, workshop, etc.)

Authors will be notified by 31 January 2020 of the Organising Committee’s approval for you to progress your contribution.

No. You will need to finalise the development of your contribution, and this will also undergo a review process by the Organising Committee, who are keen for all acceptable final contributions to be included in the Proceedings..

Abstract approval only means that you have permission from the Organising Committee to develop your final contribution. However, you may be approached by the Organising Committee after abstract approval to consider presenting your final contribution at the programme (subject to the approval of your final contribution content).

Friday 1 May 2020.

There will be a link to a submission portal on your acceptance of abstract letter.

Selected members or delegates of the Organising Committee will peer-review your final contribution, and provide feedback to you by Friday 29 May 2020. You will then have until Friday 19 June 2020 to respond to Reviewer feedback and submit your final contribution for publishing.

No. There is no requirement for the authors to physically present at the Symposium.

All presenter requests will be considered by the Organising Committee in line with the format of the technical programme. However, the Organising Committee cannot guarantee that your nomination to present will be honoured.

All final contributions will be published in the Symposium Proceedings, which will be available in both hard copy and electronic format. Selected contributors may be approached by the Organising Committee to present their paper as a traditional 20-minute talk; a 3-minute rapid-fire presentation; lead workshops; be involved in expert panels; or present posters in the exhibition and trade display area.

Yes. The Organising Committee has developed guidelines and they will be provided to authors upon acceptance of your abstract.

Whilst we encourage technical and detailed contributions, the content must be delivered in such a way to be understood by the wider audience, for both written and technical presentations.

No, presenters will not be paid to present at the Symposium. In special circumstances, the Organising Committee may elect to offer free entry to selected sessions; the trade exhibition and/or social events for invited guests.

The Organising Committee will endeavour to organise the technical programme in consideration of speaker availability/preferences, however, it may not always be possible to meet all requests. In addition, presenters will also not be able to choose who will sponsor their session.

Yes. The Organising Committee has developed guidelines for authors of posters to show them how to present their posters and convert the content into a format for publishing in the Symposium Proceedings. These guidelines will be provided to poster authors upon acceptance of your abstract.

For all abstract enquiries, contact Rebecca Smith of the Symposium Secretariat,, 07 3255 1002